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4: “Let’s Talk Mental Health”

In this episode I talk to the one and only Trisha Goddard. An absolutely fascinating conversation around mental health and coping with adverse events.

Trisha is a talk show host, producer and journalist of over 36 years and currently hosting 2 shows on Talk TV. She is also a global mental health ambassador and patron for many organisations.

Patron of the Norwich & Norfolk Homestart

Patron and Ambassador for Mind

Patron of the Queen Consort’s Charity Royal Osteoporosis Society

& The British Lymph Node Society

We talk:


·Coping with adversity and taking small steps at a time

·Perceptions of mental health and challenging stereotypes.

·Changing how we address and speak about mental health

·How to talk to someone with a mental health issue. The role of validation and compassion.

·The importance of checking in with people

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