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5: Deconstructing OCD- Presentation, Late Diagnosis and Misconceptions

Series 3 Episode 5

In this episode I talk to Ash Curry OCD Expert by Experience. He works tearlessly to educate others about OCD and support their journey through recognising its presentation and support available. He has a special interest in Paternal OCD. A very special person and an absolute must listen!

We talk:

·Ash’s narrative of living with OCD- presentation and late diagnosis

·Coping with OCD

·Treatment, recovery and valued living

·Helping and educating others

·Paternal OCD

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Book Suggestions:

Break Free from OCD- Fiona Challacombe, Victoria Bream Oldfield, Paul Salkovskis

CBT for OCD -Victoria Bream, Fiona Challacombe, Asmita Palmer, Paul Salkovskis

App Suggestion: DadPad

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