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3: “Dear Psychosis” Understanding and Navigating Psychosis

Podcast Show Notes

Series 6 Episode 3

In this episode I talk to Sarah & Alice Martin about Psychosis and their families experience of acute psychosis. Alice Martin is an academic advisor at the international college of management is Sydney and is in her fourth year of studying psychology at the university of technology in Sydney Australia as part of her journey to being a clinical psychologist. She is also a lived experience ambassador for SANE which is an organisation in Australia that supports people who have complex mentalhealth issues.

Sarah is Alice’s Mother and a Mental health ambassador and Peer Ambassador for SANE Australia. She is passionate about breaking the silence and stigma of all mental health concerns.

They are joint authors of “Dear Psychosis” a story of hope and love through a family’s journey of mental health.

We cover:

– Alice’s journey with psychosis and recovery

– The importance of psychoeducation around psychosis and mental health.

– A parental view from Sarah. Supporting someone with psychosis.

– Support and barriers to support in mental health care.

– Tackling stigma in society

– Alice & Sarah’s work helping others

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