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8: FND Rehabilitation and Support (Part II)

Podcast Show Notes

Series 7 Episode 8

Guest: Dr Michelle Gregory FND Part II

In this episode Dr Michelle Gregory Returns to talk more about FND.

To listen to Part I of our discussion refer to series 7 episode 6 where we talked about what FND is and barriers to getting a diagnosis.

Michelle is a Principal Clinical Psychologist, specialising in Functional Neurological Disorder and Long Covid. She works with neurodiverse young people, as well as adults to help them recover from and live a better life with a long-term health problem. She also has lived experience of FND, which means she not only have clinical expertise, but she understands what it is like to live with and recover from a misunderstood health condition which involves brain/body/mind connections.

This time we cover:

-Rehabilitation for FND – multi professional

-Sourcing help and how this work.

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