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8: “Speaking Up”- Disability, Rights & Inclusion

Series 1 Episode 8

In this episode I talk to Mark Parrin & Nick Inge about disability, rights, discrimination and the amazing ‘Speak Up’ App. An absolute must listen!

Mark Parrin has worked in the disability employment field for 25 years, supporting individuals to find and keep employment, supporting businesses to become better educated about disability and open them up to employing a more diverse workforce.He currently works with Nick at iTrust and advises on Disability and Inclusion. He is also a Worldly Wise Ambassador and is invited into schools to talk to students about life experiences, resilience, motivation & aspirations

Nick Inge Is a former policeman and the CEO of a specialist speak up business, iTrust Assurance Ltd. He has developed a ground-breaking speak up app which they supply to organisations to allow their staff to report wrongdoing. He is also the co-founder of Worldly Wise. This is a not-for-profit organisation which through their network of volunteer ambassadors, gives support and guidance to young people. Nick has also written two books – ‘Exposing the Truth – Whistleblowing Uncovered’ and ‘Jeopardy’, both of which are available on Amazon.

During his time with the police, he specialised in recruiting and handling informants. Initially this was working with informants who provided information about local crime but not long after specialised in serious crime and counter-terrorism policing. This involved working alongside MI5, MI6 as well as the National Crime Agency, managing informants that were pivotal to high-profile operations tackling terrorism, domestic extremism, serious crime, and corruption.

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