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Additional Roles & Contributions

Dr Quinn-Cirillo has a passion for bringing the principles of psychology to communities and to help them better understand emotional wellbeing and empower them to manage their wellbeing.

She considers herself to be a philanthropist and humanitarian and is involved in a number of philanthropic initiatives to support people around the world.

She also runs a number of initiatives in her local community to support emotional health and is involved in the following projects:

Wellbeing and Coping

Expert Reference Group

Dr Tara is a member of The Expert Reference Group which was formed to review and contribute to a fantastic mental health project by Dr Alys Cole-King and the about online Safety Plan.

The CaPDID Training Manual

Personality Disorder

Dr Quinn-Cirillo has a longstanding clinical interest in both the assessment and treatment of Personality Disorder. This interest stems to those with a learning disability and how personality disorder is assessed and supported clinically in community settings. She worked for many years with this client group and also focused on working with those people supporting …

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