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7: High Functioning Depression, Inclusion & Leadership

Series3 Episode 7

In this episode I talk to Ngozi Cadmus who is a Mental Health and Leadership Expert.

Ngozi Cadmus is a qualified Psychotherapist, Social Worker and Business Strategist. She has a coaching & consultancy company that helps women of faith to become leaders in their respective industries and help them start, build and scale up their wellness business. They focus on assisting corporations in achieving their Equity, Diversity & Inclusion objectives through training to help identify, train, and retain Black Female Talent in their companies to create a representative leadership team that reflects their diverse workforce.

Ngozi is also CEO & Founder of Frontline Therapist, an affordable and accessible culturally sensitive online counselling service for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Individuals and all Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds nationwide.

We cover:

·Having a lived experience of high functioning depression

·Making mental health accessible to all.

·Supporting and inspiring others

·Female leadership and changing the way we think

Find Ngozi

Instagram: @ngozicadmus and@frontlinetherapist

Youtube:Ngozi Cadmus Show

Podcasts: Ngozi Cadmus Show (Spotify+ Apple Podcasts)


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